Further interests in Motors, Electric Bicycles and...

Federal association Solare Mobilität e.V.
Solar energy for Car, Scooter, Bike, Ship ,Airman and Train
  Service-Portal for Elektric-Light vehicles
Human Powered Vehicles
FIU-Verlag - Literature to Joseph Beuys
    Organization for the promotion of the extended art concept
      and the social sculpture e.V.

Against TCPA TCPA liberty is called lose
The end of free soft and hardware choice threatens with TPCA
    naiin.org - no abuse in internet
The organization against abuse of the internet
sharkproject.com Wir kämpfen für Haie! If sharks die, the sea dies!
The initiative to the protection of the sharks
Prof. Dr. Hans Hass The sapper of the sub-film of water
and founder of the Energontheorie